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20 Photos That Prove Just How Magical Fall in DC Really Is

Fall foliage is FINALLY here.

The leaves are finally starting to change and we just couldn’t wait to share all of the fall foliage pictures from around Washington! It may not feel like fall (what’s with the weather?!) but it sure is starting to look the part.

Will this be my only foliage pic of the season? Probably not. ??#basic #fall #igdc

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This insta might be basic but look at those colors.

All roads lead to gorgeous trees.

Sunset, fall leaves, and the Tidal Basin – is there anything more classically Washington?

This canopy of orange and yellow and green is inspiring.

Fall flavor ?

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Is this real? It’s as if the tree decided to camouflage with the brick homes behind it!

The White House tonight at sunset on a beautiful fall day #dclife

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Okay, this might be even more classically Washington.

How does nature do this? Green one minute, gone the next – and all the leaves fell perfectly onto the path? It actually makes us want to hike. Or, more accurately, just look at pictures of hiking paths.

Even this dog loves foliage! (Happy Birthday, Lucy!)

This pic will help #fuelyourhustle, ’nuff said.

She's a beauty. Happy Fall y'all.

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Where is this tree?! Can we climb it?!

i'm confused too little crocus friend. it feels a lot like spring for sure.

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The cutest little flower poking out through the fallen leaves.

#boo? #seeninshaw #fallinthedistrict ?? #igdc #mydccool @14thandu

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What a beautiful house, and to be paired with such perfect fall trees.

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Brb, gonna go grab a book and find this tree before it gets too cold out.

Where does this one lead? Hopefully to more foliage, we honestly can’t get enough.

#AutumnalAesthetic #IGDC #InstaDC

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Lafayette Square is GLOWING.

[1/3] Lonely red… #fallfoliage #walkwithlocals #beautifuldestinations #igdc #bythings

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It’s almost like a rainbow of leaves on just one tree. Obviously, this tree has great fashion sense.

Wear-a-light-jacket-and-let's-go-on-a-bike-ride-kind-of-fall-day. ?☀️?☺️?#colorsofautumn

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Two people could fall in love on that bench. All the credit would have to go to that tree, though.

An infinity of foliage photos ? #igdc #lategram #fallyall

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This looks like the best place to run this season.

It’s like these trees are twins, only one of them is so much taller.

Lovely leaves #washingtondc #fall #igdc

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We know about different colored leaves, but look at all the different sizes! So tiny.

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