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A Maryland Health Clinic Is Trolling Metro for Rejecting Its Abortion Pill Ads

Carafem's 10-week-after abortion pill was parked outside of Metro's HQ.

Earlier this month, Metro officials refused to run ads in stations from Carafem Health Center, a Chevy Chase clinic that offers abortion and birth-control services. The banners advertise the availability of a legal, FDA-approved abortion pill, which Metro claims violates its ban on political advocacy because it is “issue-oriented.”

“All we are doing is trying to get the word out to potential clients,” Melissa Grant, vice president of health-care services for Carafem, told the Washington Post

Carafem found another way to get the word out by renting a mobile billboard and driving it around DC. Earlier today, the bright pink ad was parked outside of Metro’s headquarters in downtown DC.

The abortion pill ads are also visible at DC bus shelters, which are owned and maintained by the DC Department of Transportation, which has different advertising guidelines.

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