Bentley Berner and Reveille Are the Cutest Dogs in Washington

This year, we received SO many great entries for Washingtonian’s 2017 Cutest Dog Contest that we had TWO winners: Bentley Berner and Reveille!

Bentley Berner loves running, Thai food, and the snow. Instead of sticking his head out of the car window, he’s opted to stick his head out of the sunroof—bringing laughs to everyone who sees him driving by.

My name is Reveille (rev-uh-lee). I am a four-year-old black lab that lives in Northern Virginia. In April, I was diagnosed with cancer and after two surgeries, a skin graft, 25+ vet visits, and eight sessions of chemotherapy, I am cancer free! I love swimming, retrieving my toy duck, eating entire rolls of toilet paper and stealing food from my two-year-old human brother. I am a huge cuddler and enjoy crying until my parents let me in their bed. During the daytime, you can find me on the leather couch I’m not allowed to be on or shredding my chew toys across the house.

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted! Congratulations to Bentley Berner and Reveille.