Cheap Eats 2018: Red Apron

Red Apron Burger Bar dishes up grass-fed Virginia beef patties in combos like the Double Vision with pimento cheese, tomato aioli, and bacon. Photograph courtesy of Neighborhood Restaurant Group

Nathan Anda sources humanely raised animals and crafts clever charcuterie across most of the Neighborhood Restaurant Group eateries. At these butcher shops, his meat mastery is on display in sandwich form. The piggiest of pleasures is the “porkstrami” with thin layers of pastrami-style pork sirloin, bacon-braised kraut, and extra jus soaking into the baguette. It’s best complemented with a side of aged-beef-fat fries, heavy on the garlic and rosemary. Also good: Hot Wag-yu pastrami; Italian sub; tigelle breakfast sandwiches.

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