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Washingtonian Today: Stormy Tuesday

Photograph by Evy Mages

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Welcome to Tuesday! Stormy DanielsFull Disclosure hits shelves today, and I’m curious if it’ll make as much of a splash as other Trump-adjacent books. It’s already a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon’s “Biographies of Political Leaders” list. Here’s to hoping there’s only that one anecdote about the President’s, ahem, toadstool.

BTW, the White House will be a bachelor pad for a week or so. The first lady has embarked on her first solo trip to Africa, and leaving Trump to his own devices around Washington. The couple is not known for roaming around the city, but maybe he’ll use the extra free time to hit up Ice Cream Jubilee with Barron. Where do you think the President would go besides his own properties? Email me your thoughts at

Be sure to pack an umbrella on your commute today–according to Capital Weather Gang (you think I can just call them the Gang?) we should have some showers this afternoon. How many years of living in DC does one stop complaining about the fickle weather? Because I think we all deserve a proper season for once.

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

  • Chevy Chase’s new Little Beast has opened, and it will eventually serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So: Vigilante coffee drinks and egg sandwiches in the morning, pressed sandwiches and salads in the afternoon, and cocktails, pizza, and share plates at night. Plus, of course, a kids menu!
  • Apparently there are some people in Washington who find love (can’t relate)! My jaded self aside, this pair, who met at the College of William & Mary, had a stunning wedding at DAR hall right by the White House, and the photos alone inspire me to apply to grad school all over again.
  • One of our editors spent his Saturday morning watching people watch soccer and I don’t want to spoil much for you but people are drinking Coors Light at 10 AM—I’m more of a Miller High Life girl myself—and you should really see what happens next.
  • An article in the Washington Post discussing the lack of diversity in the press corps really stuck with me yesterday morning. It’s something as a minority White House reporter I’ve had to grapple with for the last year. So I wrote about my struggle, and I hope you can find some time to read how I attempt to navigate this hurdle.

Our pick for things to do around the District:

Were you inspired by Team Shuster’s gold medal victory for the US at the PyeongChang Olympics? The Potomac Curling Club in Laurel, Maryland, is hosting a three-hour “Learn to Curl” session. This hands-on lesson will feature 90 minutes of instruction followed by a game among the participants. Dress warmly and wear soft-soled shoes or sneakers. $60, 7 PM.

Good reads:

If you’re wondering why UB40 is trending on Twitter, it’s not because its excellent cover of “Red, Red Wine” has been rereleased. Aaron C. Davis and Amy Gardner report that during his time at Yale, Brett Kavanaugh and friends “brawled” with someone they mistook to be the lead singer of UB40.  (The Washington Post)

Christina Cauterucci and Ben Mathis-Lilley detail every single person the FBI could interview if they want a fuller picture of Kavanaugh’s credibility. (Slate)

Essential long read:

Meet the coders that are so good that they are programming themselves out of a job. (The Atlantic)

Big events from Washingtonian:

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