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Washingtonian Today: Where Will Kanye Hang in DC?

Our food critic has some suggestions for his post-White House visit.

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Welcome to Tuesday. It’s Brittany again. Everyone give a big round of e-pplause to Andrew, who took the helm while I was off yesterday. I spent a large chunk of my day binge-watching NBC’s The Good Place and dreaming of Astro Donut’s crème brûlée rounds. If the dreary fog lifted, I would have been at my go-to day-off hidden gem: Gravelly Point Park, where I usually slap together a picnic and watch the airplanes. I cannot recommend it enough!

In this week of “all news comes back to the Kardashians”: Kanye West will reportedly visit the White House on Thursday. The “Yeezy Summit” seemed inevitable after Kim Kardashian West was first rumored to be in talks with Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump regarding prison reform. But ’Ye is bound 2 galavant around the city when his West Wing meeting is over. Where do you think he’ll go out?

According to our Executive Food Editor Ann Limpert: “Since he is okay with dining alone (and apparently has a thing for candy and ice cream), I’d put him in a seat at the bar or chef’s counter at Pineapple and Pearls, where he can try this truffle/gummy bear/sundae situation. Also, this summer there was a rumor that he was scouting spaces for a high-end comfort food restaurant in Calabasas. So maybe he’d be doing some R&D at a place like Georgia Brown’s, Blue Duck Tavern (which celebrities love), Unconventional Diner, or—given his political leanings these days—BLT Prime in the Trump Hotel. He can start with that weirdo hanging bacon and end with a tree of cheesecake lollipops.”

My guess is that he may follow in the footsteps of his buddy Drake and head to Nobu. What do you think? Drop me a line.

(Fun Fact: Kanye’s almost sister-in-law Blac Chyna is from DC. When Chyna visits home, she’s been spotted at local strip club Sinsaysionals.)

In brunching-with-politicians news: Bernie Sanders is hosting a talk later this morning at the satellite campus of Johns Hopkins University downtown. Tickets are free.

What we have cooking at Washingtonian:

  • Seymour Hersh broke some of the biggest stories of the past half century. And yet he isn’t covering Donald Trump. Ben Wofford tries to figure out why.
  • Can Mirabelle perform after turnover in the kitchen? Ann Limpert gives us her honest review.
  • There’s now a new ride-share option in the neighborhood that’s aimed to make women riders feel safer. Mimi Montgomery explains the aptly named Safr, which launches in DC next week.
  • Eli Saslow‘s new book tells the story of Derek Black, a white nationalist star who renounced the movement. We spoke with him about whether anyone is beyond hope.

Our pick for things to do around the District:

FUNDRAISER: HRC Foundation’s Chefs for Equality

Chefs for Equality brings together the capital region’s top chefs, pastry chefs and mixologists for an evening of food, cocktails and music to benefit the fight for full LGBTQ equality. The event features savory tasting and drink stations headed by renowned chefs and mixologists from the DC area, as well as personal chef tables—an opportunity to dine with celebrity chefs for a lavish five-course meal in the middle of the action during the evening. In addition to impressive fare, an auction is also held. Chefs for Equality is an event to advance the fight for LGBTQ equality through the work of the HRC Foundation, the educational arm of the nation’s largest LGBTQ civil rights organization. 6:30 pm, $200.

Good reads:

  • We’ve heard this narrative before: the makeup of the Republican Party is changing. But the GOP may be permanently driving out women in record numbers. E.J. Graff wonders if this is Trump’s doing, or something else altogether. (Politico Magazine)
  • After years of keeping a low political profile, Taylor Swift is endorsing Democratic candidates. This is a stab in the heart for the more fringe parts of the far right, which lauded Swift as a white supremacist queen. Jeremy Gordon now welcomes Swift to #TheResistance. (The Outline)

Essential long read:

  • Disneyland is not as magical as we think, at least not to its employees. There’s a price to pay to work for the House of Mouse. (Topic)

Big events from Washingtonian:

Our Cheap Eats list has been out for a few weeks now. I love Honey Pig, which is a great place to get affordable bulgogi in large portions.

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