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Washingtonian Today: Bad Hair Day

Photograph by Evy Mages

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Need some last-minute holiday shopping? Looks like Donald Trump Jr. has you covered. The Trump Store’s right in the middle of its Christmas sale, according to Junior’s Twitter. Have a spouse who just loves to cry “Fake news!” when confronted with conflict? Perhaps treat them to a $185 leather Trump Football or, if they’ve recently read up on the investigation into the Trump family’s tax schemes, maybe a Trump gold bar coin bank with an “iconic Trump Clock Magnet” is a better choice. I suppose you need something to count down the days until the Mueller probe wraps.

You’re Gonna Like The Way He Looks—I Guarantee It*: A lot of people were pointing out White House advisor Stephen Miller’s, well, surprising hair growth during an appearance Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation. There were plenty of memes. All I’ll say here is that, Stephen, if you need a good wig hookup, I’m your girl.

* Frankly, I could never guarantee such a thing.

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Over the weekend, one of our wonderful editorial fellows, Lautaro Grinspan, danced the night away at the Embassy of Argentina’s holiday soirée. Here’s Lautaro’s dispatch:

Embassy-holiday-party season (my favorite time of the year) is in full swing and, as native Argentine, I couldn’t miss the Embassy of Argentina’s fête on Saturday night. Kicking off the event was a photo shoot with Santa Claus, or Papa Noel, in front of a Christmas tree and a large Argentine flag. In my photo with him, Santa didn’t smile, curiously opting instead for the fulminating, brooding look of a professional tango dancer mid-routine. Later on came a couple of glasses of Malbec, an array of Argentine snacks (“nothing compared to the food back home,” I would tsk tsk while still grabbing four of everything), a folklore singing performance and a short tango show. After the tangoing wrapped up, the Embassy’s elegant ballroom played host to a dance party that had guests bopping along until 11 PM, when the music stopped, the lights turned on, and everyone was ushered away from dancey Argentina and back to rainy DC.

Question: Is public service secretly a writers-in-residence program? I only ask because there’s yet another political book coming out: Politico reports John Boehner’s got a memoir tentatively titled Notes From a Smoke-Filled Room about his decades-long career in Washington.

And now in political traffic news… Former FBI director James Comey is returning to Capitol Hill today. Plan your trips, leaks, and tweets accordingly.

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LECTURE Learn about the darker lore surrounding the holidays at the Profs & Pints “Nightmares Before Christmas” lecture at the Bier Baron. Johns Hopkins humanities professor William Egginton will talk about Krampus, the horned demon who accompanies St. Nick in central Europe; he’ll also touch on the pagan roots of the Christmas holiday and the Grinch. $12, 6 PM.

Good reads:

Real-life witches want Trump to stop calling the Mueller Probe a “witch hunt,” Will Sommer reports. (Daily Beast)

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