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A Stoney’s Waiter Is a Contestant on “The Bachelorette”

The bar's general manager fills us in on recently employee—and budding heartthrob—Luke S.

Stone of Stoney's (no, you don't have to have "Stone" in your last name to work there). Photograph courtesy of ABC.

Luke Stone, who will appear as a contestant on the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, is a part-time waiter at 14th Street watering hole Stoney’s, according to Stoney’s general manager Anthia Smith.

The show is currently being shot and will air starting May 13. “When he told me he needed to go away for a couple weeks, he sent me an email telling me that I can’t let anybody know until it was public knowledge,” she says. The news got out after a Popville tipster noticed Stone in a promo for the new season. So what is a seemingly typical DC dude doing on this over-the-top reality show, which recently witnessed such theatrics as the emotional unraveling and fence-leaping of the last Bachelor, Colton Underwood?

Well…he’s hot. “He has that pretty way to him,” Smith says.

Stone also worked as a fundraising consultant at Fraioli & Associates, according to his LinkedIn, and is a GWU graduate. He wasn’t dating anyone seriously in the four months he worked at Stoney’s, Smith says, but she did hear him talk about taking out women casually. She once overheard him say he took someone to Maydan. Let’s hope this season’s Bachelorette, Hannah B., likes hummus!

What happens if Stone doesn’t make it to the Fantasy Suite? Fear not, Chris Harrison—he’s not coming for your job. You could see him back on 14th Street serving beers. “He basically told me that he’s not sure how long it’s going to be,” says Smith. “He understands I can’t hold the position for him, but if [his stint on the show] is shorter than he thinks, we can discuss it.”

For what it’s worth, Smith also admits that she probably wouldn’t pick Stone if she were the Bachelorette. “There seem to be some guys on there that are a little more my type,” she says.

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