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The 4 Types of Responses to AOC Praising the DC Metro

Photograph courtesy WMATA.

Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offered some measured praise for the DC Metro Sunday night:

If you think DC is about to let a famous person’s gaze go to waste, you are obviously not from around here. How you responded to this may depend on your experiences, your location, or your white-hot anger toward our troubled mass-transit agency.

1) White-hot anger at our troubled mass-transit agency

There’s a small chance AOC’s mild endorsement could put a spring in the step of any WMATA employees. Longtime transit critic Unsuck DC Metro piped up to remind them that many people here are not so forgiving.

2) “You don’t experience it the way we do”

For anyone familiar with what it’s like to actually rely on Metro, AOC’s statement feels like something a tourist would say: Gee, this sure beats the Blatnik Bridge backups.

3) You already aren’t an AOC fan


4) New York must really have a bad subway.

Try praising a bagel around here.

Ocasio-Cortez walked it back an hour later, detailing some of the ways the MTA beats WMATA.

A local replied with—what else—some details she may have overlooked:


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