100 Very Best Restaurants: #2 – The Dabney

Braise salsify root with fried oysters, tarragon, green apple, whey sauce

About The Dabney

122 Blagden Aly NW
Washington, DC 20001

Anniversary, birthday, Wednesday. All are fitting occasions for chef Jeremiah Langhorne’s cozy-in-the-winter, airy-in-the-summer hideaway. We’re as happy dropping by the bar for seasonal drinks and a few plates—say, oysters with wildflower mignonette or a sumptuous foie-gras-and-fried-egg biscuit—as we are doing it up in the dining room by the kitchen’s hearth. (For the latter, reservations are a must.) Langhorne’s wood-fired menu, which changes daily, is packed with Mid-Atlantic indulgences, both humble—Eastern Shore–style chicken and dumplings, a creamy wedge of butterscotch pie—and grand. Recent hits included grilled Maryland lobster in juniper cream and a family-style platter of lamb with herbs, sauces, and warm pitas. For a dream date, add a visit to the nearby Dabney Cellar bar for natural wines by candlelight. Expensive.