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3 Captivating Longreads for a Corona-Free Weekend

A murder on the Rappahannock, the Republican governor beloved by a blue state, and the inspiring story of a runner who enters dozens of races every year and finishes last every time.

Thirty-four years ago, a small town on Virginia’s Northern Neck was rocked by a horrific crime. Photograph by Greg Kahn.

A Murder on the Rappahannock River

A little over 30 years ago, a Northern Neck fisherman named Emerson Stevens went to prison for the brutal slaying of a homecoming queen and mother of two. Now, a reexamination of the case by a hard-charging UVA lawyer has turned up troubling questions. Did police have the wrong man? Marisa M. Kashino, the author of this story, was just named one of the best young writers in the country for her work on this piece.

Larry Hogan is Having a Grand Old Time as Maryland’s Governor

Now feels like an interesting moment to revisit this 2017 profile by Luke Mullins looking at how Hogan, then in office just two years, navigated an urban crisis, beat cancer, and became America’s second-most popular governor—as a Republican in a blue state.

She Ran 34 Races in One Year and Came in Dead Last Every Time. Now She’s a Local Hero

Jamie Watts, escorted by a police car, in Arlington's Four Courts Four Miler, her 32nd race out of 34. Photograph by Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photo.
Photograph by Brian W. Knight/Swim Bike Run Photo.

Meet Jamie Watts, Washington’s most inspiring runner.