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Georgetown Stores Are Mostly Boarded Up

The majority of storefronts on Wisconsin Ave. and M Street have installed protections

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Last night, looters took to many parts of the city, setting small fires and smashing windows. Though DC officials report the majority of the action was downtown, Georgetown businesses were also hit. As of this afternoon, most of the storefronts on Wisconsin Ave. and M Street were boarded up, some out of necessity, others out of precaution. Here are some photos from the area.

The Urban Outfitters on M Street is completely boarded up
The Wisconsin Ave. Apple Store had its windows completely shattered
A view from the corner of Wisconsin Ave. and M Street.
G-Land Uniforms has a sign on the front of their business reading “We are agreed your demonstration. Please don’t break this shop. Please!”
Workers begin to board up the Michael Kors store on M Street

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