Today at 11: Chat With Sommelier Erica Christian

Ask Erica about her experiences as a Black woman in the DC dining industry, her favorite wines, and more.

Photograph courtesy of Erica Christian.

Join us today, June 26 at 11 AM to chat with Erica Christian, the server/sommelier (Thamee, Tail Up Goat, Emilie’s, Domestique) who recently spoke with us about her experiences as a Black woman working in DC’s restaurant scene. She’ll be on hand to talk anything from natural wines and BIPOC winemakers to workers’ rights and restaurant reopenings. Leave a question now, and Erica will get to as many as she can.

Ann Limpert: Good morning! I’m thrilled today to have Erica Christian take over my Friday food chat. Erica has been a sommelier and/or server at many of DC’s top restaurants, including Tail Up Goat, Daikaya, Emilie’s, and most recently, Thamee. She’s also worked at Truxton Circle wine shop Domestique. 

She has been a strong voice in the conversation about anti-racism work in DC’s small businesses (check out her letters on the subject, as well as a piece she recently wrote for Washington City Paper). 

Earlier this week, Erica spoke very candidly with me about what it’s been like for her as a Black, queer woman working (and dining) in the DC restaurant scene. We talked about the pandemic, the normalization of racism, and how restaurants constantly coopt Black culture (hello, fancy fried chicken), yet rarely do the real daily work it takes to build an inclusive work environment. 

To be honest, it was a difficult interview to edit down—she said so many insightful things over our hour-and-a-half conversation. So, I thought, let’s bring her back. I’m so excited that she agreed to be here. 

Take it away, Erica! 

(The drill: ask your questions in the form below; the chat transcript shows up underneath.)