Braden Holtby Apparently Got Stuck at the Canadian Border Because of His Pet Tortoises

The former Capitals goalie was missing some crucial paperwork for Honey and Maple.

Former Caps goalie Braden Holtby. Photograph courtesy of Washington Capitals.

This week some people noticed a strange request from Braden Holtby’s wife, Brandi, on Twitter: “Hey Twitter, does anyone have any sweet connections with Federal Fish and Wildlife that could push some export papers along in order to get two happy tortoises across the border? ?????? We miss our boys!”

Holtby, the former Washington Capitals goalie who this year left the team for the Vancouver Canucks, was having some issues at the US-Canada border, apparently due to missing paperwork for his pet tortoises, Honey and Maple.

After living in Old Town Alexandria since 2013, the family was moving to Canada, where Holtby grew up. Brandi Holtby later replied in the same thread that they weren’t aware of the pet permits and “now Braden is stuck at the border with two tortoises ?.” On Thursday, she reported that they were making progress with Fish and Wildlife Services, and that the problem should be resolved soon.

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