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January 2021: Joe Town!

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Photo-illustration by Lauren Bulbin with photographs by Adam Schultz/Biden for President

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Joe Town

Who’s in the new inner circle? Where might we see Joe and Kamala around town? And what does the massive change mean for our region? A guide to the Biden-Harris Washington, past and future. Reported and written by Andrew Beaujon, Rob Brunner, Daniella Byck, Rosa Cartagena, Marisa M. Kashino, Luke Mullins, and Michael Schaffer


The Man Who’s Remaking Easton

Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

New York tycoon Paul Prager has been buying up property around the quiet Eastern Shore town for years. Now that he’s transformed it into a pandemic-era escape for upscale urbanites, the locals aren’t all so thrilled. By Anna Spiegel.

Washingtonians of the Year

Photograph by Jeff Elkins

We love our city—and these 12 locals make it even better. By Anna Spiegel.


Elopement Chic: Our favorite dress styles for 2021.

Tiers of Joy: Six cake flavors worth slicing into.

Real Weddings: Six cake flavors worth slicing into.


Photograph by Lauren Bulbin

Train in Vain: Are drastic Metro cuts just a bluff? By Rob Brunner.

How They Stack Up: More DC journalists are decamping to Substack. By Jane Recker

A Harry Situation: The bar in a historic hotel has become associated with Trump supporters—and Covid violations. By Jessica Sidman.

Poet in Motion: Meet Kevin Young, the intriguing new head of the African American history museum. By Rosa Cartagena

Big Picture: A look back at presidential inaugurations.


Photograph by Andrew H. Walker.

Interview: The woman leading a $250-million effort to rethink monuments.


Safe Houses: Seven resorts, all within a day’s drive, that offer private homes.

A Long, Sane Winter: Keeping up mental and physical fitness while stuck indoors.

Top Financial Advisers: More than 225 money pros from around the region.


Photograph courtesy of Chewish Deli.

Hero Worship: One happy takeaway from our annus horribilis: an abundance of new sandwich spots. Here are five of the best creations right now. By Ann Limpert.

Cravings Plan: Where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should go for their favorite dishes. By Ann Limpert.

Dinner Scour: The latest gadgets restaurants are using to battle the virus. By Jessica Sidman.

2021 Restaurant Preview: A Japanese food hall, a new José Andrés joint, and of course, lots of pizza. By Ann Limpert and Daniella Byck.


The Organization Plan: These smart spaces will inspire you to declutter in the new year.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Photograph courtesy of Washington Football Team

Quarterback Doug Williams on his first DC hangout when he came to town in the ’80s. By Luke Mullins.