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February 2021: Great Neighborhood Restaurants

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Photograph by Jeff Elkins

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Great Neighborhood Restaurants

These 60-plus spots make the city a better place not just to eat but to live. We love them for the comforting food, sure. But also for things that are easy to overlook—a generous welcome, time-tested reliability, a sense of belonging. By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel, and Jessica Sidman.


Abby Phillip Did That

Photograph courtesy of CNN

The 32-year-old Washington native’s election coverage on CNN—and her viral “Black women did that” monologue—made her a household name. Where does she go from here? By Mimi Montgomery.

Get. It. Done.

Photograph by Evy Mages

A survivalist guide to work life in pandemic DC—including how we’re adapting, disinfecting, coping, and (occasionally) thriving. By Kristen Hinman, Margaret Kates, and Mimi Montgomery

Who Was Jessica Krug?

Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Last summer, an African-history professor at GW made a shocking confession: Though she’d spent years pretending to be Black and Latina, she was in fact a white woman from suburban Kansas City. Why did she live the lie—and how did she get away with it? By Marisa M. Kashino.


Photograph by Evy Mages

Mob Security: As our nation’s capital, DC will always welcome visitors from around the country. What happens if we also have to fear them? By Luke Mullins.

Piece Offering: A fast-growing company’s inclusive puzzles. By Jacqueline Tynes.

A Different Glass Ceiling: Shelley Moore Capito’s husband, Charlie, will be the first male president of a club for congressional spouses. By Jane Recker.

Strange Brew: A federal-flack-turned-musician is earning national acclaim for his debut album. By Jane Recker.

The King and I: The strange story of Elvis’s meeting with Nixon. By Rosa Cartagena.

Big Picture: Inside the Smithsonian’s murder-hornet room. By Rosa Cartagena.


Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Interview: Georgetown scientist Sarah Stewart Johnson is looking for life on Mars. Interview by Rob Brunner.

Curios: How a guy in Nova Scotia stumbled onto an intriguing mystery involving the FDR White House. By Rob Brunner.


The Eyes Have It: Ways to perk up the only feature visible above your mask. Plus: advice on taking care of your eyes, which are under a lot of strain during Covid. By Sherri Dalphonse and Jacqueline Tynes.

Ask an Expert: The fitness tracker that a cardiologist uses. By Sherri Dalphonse.

Double Whammy: Going through a pandemic is tough enough. Now imagine going through it while also getting treated for cancer. By Mimi Montgomery.

Summer, Saved: In-person summer camps will probably be open this year—but with key changes. By Sherri Dalphonse.


Photograph courtesy of Libby Rasmussen.

More Is More: Introducing millennial maximal-ism, the trend that embraces groovy ’70s grandma chic. By Mimi Montgomery.

Our Pets, Post-Pandemic: Preparing animals for a return to life without you at home 24-7. By Marisa M. Kashino.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales.


Ambassador Pitteloud in the field. Photograph courtesy the Swiss Embassy.

How Switzerland’s ambassador became a devoted birdwatcher. As told to Andrew Beaujon.