These Are the Best Things the Washingtonian Staff Bought This Year

Wallpaper, a hoodie, adjustable weights, a pizza oven .... Yeah, it's all very 2021.

"Muse" wallpaper in multicolor by Kate Zaremba Company

In a Slack conversation recently, we got to chatting about the most comfortable things we bought this year–a spinoff conversation of our “Which was worse: 2020 or 2021” debate–starting with this sweatsuit onesie from Old Navy. Ultimately we thought it best to share these little gems and more, with a round-up of the best things we bought this year. It’s not all loungewear, but between the sweats, the work- and workout-from-home goods, the timely tee, and more, this list has some real 2021 vibes. Enjoy.


Colorful Wallpaper

“I moved into a new house this year, which included decorating a new home office. The best thing I bought for it is the “Muse” wallpaper by local designer Kate Zaremba. The colors and pattern are so energizing and happy-making. It’s an instant mood-boost in the room where I spend nearly all my time during the week.” –Marisa M. Kashino, senior editor




An E-Bike

“I’m tempted to pick the American Giant hoodie that I basically wear every day and is probably my all-time favorite article of clothing, or the stack of NYRB Classics that I’ve been working my way through (you really should read Dorothy Baker’s Cassandra at the Wedding!). But the truth is the Batch e-bike that I bought from the nice people at Alexandria’s Handy Bikes as a vaccination present for myself (that’s a thing, right?) has genuinely changed my life as I’ve reemerged from hibernation. I’ve been using it to commute when I occasionally go into the office and I no longer need a car for most errands. Plus it’s super fun to ride around. Now we just need those bike lanes on Connecticut Ave.” –Rob Brunner, politics and culture editor




A ‘Gondola Now’ tee
“In a year marked by unceasing disappointment, the prospects for a gondola connecting Georgetown to Rosslyn—unnecessary, expensive, and sure to be a boondoggle—actually improved. The project is such a bonkers idea I can’t stop myself from rooting for it, and this ironic supporter’s shirt from the great ARLnow has been the perfect way to spark enjoyable conversations with strangers about a possible aerial route to the Exorcist Stairs.” –Andrew Beaujon, senior editor



Adjustable Weights (like these)

“I have a small house—and I don’t think I’m the kind of person who would want a weight room even if I had a mansion—so being able to have all my weights in two dumbbells was a game-changer during covid. I wasn’t the only one with that idea: The market for weights went insane during the pandemic. Eventually, I found a pair at a reasonable price on Craigslist.”  –Michael Schaffer, editor



Vintage Clothing From Etsy

“Two things: I bought this vintage blue and green mohair sweater right in the beginning of the year and I have been wear it non-stop all year. It’s so fun, comfy, and versatile. I can dress it up and down and feel totally cool wearing it. I always get compliments on it. More recently, I just bought this slip dress and it’s gorgeous! The colors, texture, cut! I’ve been eyeing it for a year now and finally took the plunge. I’m excited to be ringing the new year at home wearing this with a glass of champagne in hand. It’s such a mood.” –Jennifer Albarracin, web producer




An Outdoor Pizza Oven

“Yes, I bought it after writing the gift guide, but I couldn’t resist. To mix up our dinner rotation when we were rarely leaving the house last year, we started make our own pizzas, and it stuck (it’s a fast/fun way to make dinner with my kids). We eventually found that a wood-fired oven is much better than the regular oven, so for (early) Christmas this year, we got one. We got the smaller one, but it cooks up each pizza in about a minute-and-a-half, so it’s faster than the regular oven, too. We’ve only had a few weeks but we love it. A close second was this not at all fancy jogger set. Naturally, my loungewear collection has grown over the last 18 months or so, and this set, which reminds me of those 90s matching sweatsuits we had as kids, is my favorite.” –Amy Moeller, weddings editor


Amy Moeller
Fashion & Weddings Editor

Amy leads Washingtonian Weddings and writes Style Setters for Washingtonian. Prior to joining Washingtonian in March 2016, she was the editor of Capitol File magazine in DC and before that, editor of What’s Up? Weddings in Annapolis.