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June 2022: 101 Reasons to Love Summer in DC

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Photo-illustration by C.J. Burton.

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101 Reasons to Love Summer in DC

Just one reason to love DC this summer: We’re now a pie town. Photograph by Jeff Elkins

Our favorite rooftop bars, cool pools, lively festivals, outdoor movies, scrumptious pies, boat rides on the Potomac, and other fun things to do this season. Edited by Sherri Dalphonse.


The Spy in My Basement

Photograph by Greg Kahn.

Lou Mizell was one of America’s top intelligence agents—an operative who saved lives by breaking up narcotraffickers and terrorist rings, and who was a frequent source for reporters. Then his world fell apart. How did someone this connected go from hero to homeless? By Michael Gips.


The Other Burgundy and Gold

The D.C. Divas football team gathers on the field to chant before a game
Photograph by Phebe Grosser.

The D.C. Divas are the Washington football team that’s easy to root for—and not just because they have a winning record. By Andrew Beaujon. Photographs by Phebe Grosser.


Protesters in DC in 1970. Photograph courtesy of Library of Congress.

A Deep Look at Roe V. Wade: The Slow Burn podcast’s new subject is super-timely. By Sylvie McNamara.

Big Boat, Small Canal: The canal boat returns to Georgetown. By Jessica Ruf.

Head to Head: Could both the Nationals and the Commanders get new owners? By Luke Mullins.

Capitol Critters: Foxes aren’t the only wildlife around the Capitol. By Jessica Ruf.

A Room For Rosa Parks: Her stay at a DC inn led to a lasting friendship. By Tori Bergel.

Big Picture: Behind the scenes with an elite band. By Tori Bergel. Photograph by Erik Lindquist.


James Kirchick. Photography by Jeff Elkins Hair styled by Ginger Farnham, Birds and Fellows Salon.

Interview: James Kirchick explores DC’s gay history in an ambitious book. By Sylvie McNamara.

Women in Journalism Awards: Journalists who have led the industry in covering politics, national security, and more. By Damare Baker and Kayla Benjamin.


Deep Creek Lake. Photograph by Railey Vacations/

Whatever Floats Your Boat: Six destinations where both beach people and lake lovers will be happy. By Andrea C. Poe.

Help­—I have Nothing to Wear!: Now that Washingtonians are getting dressed up again, many are hiring stylists to update their wardrobes. By Amy Moeller.

Cyber Sanity: Advice on managing email, not doom-scrolling, and staying sane in a hyper-connected world. By Jessica Ruf.


Photograph by Francis Dzikowski/OTTO.

Worth the Wait: A stunning renovation on Virginia’s Northern Neck that took nearly 20 years. By Marisa M. Kashino.

The Briefing | Southwest Waterfront: New spots to explore in one of DC’s fastest-changing neighborhoods—and what’s coming next. By Damare Baker, Kayla Benjamin, Jessica Ruf.

Off the Market: The month’s luxury home sales. By Washingtonian Staff.


Photograph courtesy of MARKA/Alamy.

Author Azar Nafisi on how Freddie Mercury helped her survive life in Iran. As told to Luke Mullins.