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10 Great Things to Do Around DC This October

Maggie Haberman, Weird Al, Steve Lacy, and more

Photograph by Jessica Todd Harper.


Kinship| National Portrait Gallery

October 28–January 7, 2024

More than 40 works by eight contemporary artists all explore, in some way, connections among people. Included will be the likes of Njideka Akunyili Crosby, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Sedrick Huckaby, and Jessica Todd Harper, who is known for photographing her own family. Harper’s gauzily intimate “Self Portrait With Marshall” is seen above; you can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking about. Free.


Book cover courtesy of Penguin Press.


Confidence Man by Maggie Haberman | Politics and Prose

October 7

The Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times reporter was one of the most prominent chroniclers of the last presidency, and this book promises to be an essential contribution to Trump studies. It’s already making news: Remember those photos of White House documents getting flushed down a toilet? Expect plenty more of that kind of inside poop. Free.

Photograph courtesy of Phillipa Soo.


Guys and Dolls | Kennedy Center

October 7–16

The oldest established permanent floating crap game in New York arrives at the most famous established performing-arts venue in DC. It’s the first Broadway Center Stage production since the pandemic arrived—a welcome return for theater fans. The cast includes Phillipa Soo (above) as Sarah Brown and Steven Pasquale as Sky Masterson, whose onstage chemistry should be convincing: They’re married in real life. $59 and up.


Photograph courtesy of Noe Flum/Mummenschanz Foundation.


Mummenschanz: 50 Years | Lisner Auditorium

October 22

Just when you thought we were done seeing facemasks, the mind-bending Swiss theatrical troupe Mummenschanz arrives to celebrate a half century of . . . whatever it is that they do. Is it mime? Performance art? Whatever, they remain riveting. $30 and up.


Photograph courtesy of Michael Benabib.


Newsroom Confidential by Margaret Sullivan | Politics and Prose

October 21

Bid farewell to the much-respected Washington Post media writer, who recently ditched her column for a teaching gig. Sullivan’s latest book is a memoir of four decades in the newspaper world, including her center-­of-the-hurricane stint as public editor for the New York Times. At this event, she’ll no doubt respond to pressing questions about the many crises facing the media biz. Free.

Photograph courtesy of RCA Records.


Steve Lacy | The Fillmore

October 15

The in-demand guitarist and producer is known for making tracks on his iPhone. His latest—Gemini Rights, which came out this summer—is more polished but still plenty eclectic, and fans are falling for his Prince-tinged take on pop and R&B. $243 and up.


Photograph courtesy of elektra music group.


Turnstile, Snail Mail, and jpegmafia | The Anthem

October 9

A Charm City triple bill featuring hardcore heroes Turnstile (above), indie-rock singer/songwriter Snail Mail, and rapper JPEGMafia. The Baltimore-­area acts are connected more geographically than musically, but it should still be a high-impact evening—even though, alas, the Anthem doesn’t stock Natty Boh. $45 and up.


Photograph courtesy of National Gallery of Art, Washington/Andrew W. Mellon Collection.


Vermeer’s Secrets” | National Gallery of Art

October 8–January 8

How did Vermeer do that? It’s a question that has puzzled art lovers for centuries, and now technology is offering some answers. This exhibit features four paintings by or attributed to the Dutch genius and explains how various imaging devices have uncovered some of his tricks. Free.

Photograph courtesy of Al Yankovic.


“Weird Al” Yankovic | Kennedy Center

October 19

Weird Al is making his unfortunate return to Washington with a ridiculously self-indulgent and ill-advised tour. At least that’s how he describes it. We actually can’t wait to spend time with America’s foremost musical satirist, even if—and here’s the big catch—this concert will focus on his original material rather than the goofball song parodies he’s famous for. $59 and up.


Photograph courtesy of town of Middleburg, VA.


1000 Miglia Warm-Up USA | Various locations in Virginia and DC

October 19–22

Now you can get a taste of the 1000 Miglia—an annual Italian race featuring vintage automobiles—without flying to Brescia. Glamorous cars dating to the 1920s will participate in a number of races, with things wrapping up at the Italian Embassy. There’s no word yet on this year’s autos, but we’re still drooling over a 1956 Boano Ferrari GT Coupe from the 2019 event. $60 and up.

This article appears in the October 2022 issue of Washingtonian.