How to Dress for a Sweaty Commute, According to DC Stylists

Yes to merino wool and seersucker. No to gray clothing.

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It’s hard not to feel like a swamp monster in the DC heat, especially when you’re hustling to work. And with April temperatures currently reaching into the 80-degree range, morning commutes have already become a source of sweat-induced stress for many in the city. 

Thankfully, some strategic dressing can help you look less dewey on even the most humid days. We talked to two DC-based stylists to get their tips on how commuters can make their wardrobes work for them in the heat. Dejeuné Harris is the CEO of Your Style is Forever, a style-consulting business that helps women reimagine the clothes they already have in their closets. And Cat Bushera is the owner and lead stylist of Style by Rachel, which offers services like closet editing, personalized shopping, and styling sessions to men and women. 

Here’s what they had to say: 

Opt for lightweight fabrics

Both stylists suggest wearing clothes made out of linen or 100-percent cotton, which are breathable and allow for movement. Harris says that seersucker is another great lightweight option, while Bushera named the anti-microbial merino wool as a favorite since it doesn’t retain odor.

Stay away from gray

No matter the fabric, sweat will show up on gray clothes, says Bushera. Fabric in more forgiving pastels like light pinks, greens, yellows and blues make sweat less visible. 

Pack layers for different temperatures

It’s a good idea to be prepared for temperature differences when going between humid streets and air-conditioned office spaces, but heavy blazers aren’t fun to carry or wear in the heat. Bushera suggests opting for cardigans, which she says are making a comeback and are easier to tote around.

Try hacks for armpit sweat 

Crowded spaces + exposed armpits + hot weather = a smelly nightmare. Harris suggests using armpit pads to soak up sweat and carrying a spray-on deodorant, which helps keep static at bay and keeps skin dry. 

Express yourself through accessories

Clothes are a great way to show off your personality, but you don’t need to pack on more of them for your sense of style to shine through—especially when it’s hot outside, says Harris. Consider things that won’t weigh you down like jewelry, fanny packs, belts, hats, and light scarves.

Julia Rosenberg
Editorial Fellow