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July 2023: City of Spies

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Photograph by Trunk Archive.

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City of Spies

Photograph by David Yu/Pexels.

The nation’s capital is also a world capital of espionage. Here’s how to tell if your neighbor is a spy, DC’s best spy attractions, a spy party from hell, and more. By Andrew Beaujon, Patrick Hruby, and Luke Mullins.


The Spy House Next Door

Photograph by Evy Mages .

For years, the FBI spied on the Russian Embassy from a normal-looking house across the street—at least that’s what the neighbors say. By Sylvie McNamara.


Little Gym, Big Trouble

Photograph by Lexey Swall.

A fast-growing company bought a chain of children’s gyms and changed the way they do business. Local owner Tiffany Cianci pushed back and paid a heavy price. By Andrew Beaujon.


Washington’s Top Real Estate agents

Photograph by Lauren Bulbin .

The area’s best agents and elite producers. By Mimi Montgomery.


Psychedelic Therapy’s Return Trip

Photograph by Greg Kahn.

Can doctors at a Rockville cancer clinic—including oncologists Paul Thambi, left, and Manish Agrawal—unlock the mental-health benefits of magic mushrooms and other long-banned drugs? By Matt Ribel.



by Jordan Grobe. PR HANDOUT - can be reused
Photograph by Jordan Grobe.

Atlantis Rises: How the design of a new music venue recreated 1980s and ’90s DC. By Chris Klimek.

An Eventful Life: A memoir from the son of an enslaved man. By Rob Brunner.

On a Killer’s Trail: Revisiting a string of terrifying 1970s murders. By Malcolm Ferguson.

Painting the Town: The allure of hand-painted signs. By Damare Baker.



Top left to right: Photograph of Broccoli City Festival courtesy of Festival and Cambodian Rock Band by Joan Marcus. Bottom left to right: Book cover courtesy of Harpercollins, Angel Rodríguez-Díaz painting, “The Protagonist of an Endless Story,” courtesy of Smithsonian American Art Museum, “Grief Baby’s First Road Trip” play courtesy of Capital Fringe.

Things to Do: Our 10 picks for the month in culture. By Briana Thomas.



Photograph by Antoine Lyers.

Interview: Journalist Wesley Lowery’s new book grapples with white supremacy. By Andrew Beaujon.

Force of July: Independence Day is like the Super Bowl for DC’s water cops. What’s it like to save lives on the Potomac? By Sylvie McNamara.



Bright Eyes: This summer, sunglasses come in bold colors and unexpected shapes. By Amy Moeller.

Everybody In!: Stay chill at these area pools—including hourly rentals, hotel rooftops, and more. Plus, what’s going on with waiting lists at private swim clubs? By Daniella Byck, Malcolm Ferguson, Amy Moeller, Jessica Ruf.

Hungry for a Miracle: Semaglutide shots such as Ozempic are helping people lose weight. What’s the catch? By Daniella Byck.

Day Trip | Baltimore: The best things to do on a summer trip to Charm City. By Amy Moeller.



Photograph by Evy Mages .

We’ve Got the Scoop: Where to find the best ice cream, gelato, and other summery treats. By Jessica Sidman, Nevin Martell, Ann Limpert.

Beloved BBQ: Grill your own Wagyu at this Japanese-style steakhouse. By Ann Limpert.

Taste of West Africa: Three restaurants offer flavors of Gambia, Ivory Coast, and beyond. By Nevin Martell.



Photograph by Stacy Zarin Goldberg.

Pet Projects: A look at “barkitecture,” the trend of creating beautiful, custom pet spaces at home. By Sarah Lyon.

Well Vetted: The latest thing in pet care: members-only, high-end veterinary practices that promise prompt, personalized attention—day or night. By Mimi Montgomery.

Off the Market: Some of the area’s most expensive residential transactions. By Washingtonian Staff.


Photograph courtesy of Warner Brothers Discovery.

How CNN anchor Dana Bash’s pilgrimage to Auschwitz changed her. By Jessica Ruf.