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Looks Like DC Will Be Overrun by Barbies This Halloween

Here are the area's most-searched Halloween costumes, per Google Trends.

Photograph courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

This Halloween, expect to say “Hi, Barbie!” everywhere you go around DC.

Google Trends released its analysis of the top Halloween costume searches across the US, a project dubbed “Frightgeist.” Sadly, it does not appear that DC residents are racing to find mambo sauce or Commander Biden costumes. Instead, “Barbie” and “princess” top DC’s list of most-searched Halloween looks, according to Google Trends, followed by “ninjas,” “witches,” and “bunnies.” Meanwhile, “Barbie,” “princesses,” and “witches” are the top costume searches in Virginia, while “Barbie” is Maryland’s top.

If you’re thinking, “Oh no, I was going to be a Barbie princess with ninja swords, a witch hat, and bunny ears, and now I’ll look like everyone else,” worry not. Frightgeist also provides a special costume generator: Users can choose how spooky and unique they want their costume to be, and then select whether they want the generator to base its search on national or local data.

And it seems as if our area isn’t alone in the Barbiecore fixation: “Barbie” and “princess” were the top two nationally searched costume ideas this year, a turn from last year‘s high-ranking Spider-man and dinosaur searches. Luckily, DC-area residents still have a chance to stand out from the hot pink, plastic crowds across the country thanks to the area’s many Barbie-esque locations—perfect for a Halloween costume photoshoot.

Hope Cartwright
Editorial Fellow