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PHOTOS: We Met a Bunch of Fun People at the National Cannabis Festival

“I am here today because I love weed.”

The National Cannabis Festival took place outside RFK Stadium on—of course—4/20, featuring big acts like Wu-Tang Clan and locals such as Backyard Band and Noochie. The attendees themselves were also a big attraction. Here are a few who showed off their own personal style and, in some cases, enthusiasm for the event’s leafy theme.


Casey Hays

Green is my favorite color. Green equals money. Many people think you can’t get money in the [cannabis] industry—there are billions of dollars out there for people to make a profit.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Monike Johnson

I am [dressed as] a weed Girl Scout. [My group] wore these outfits to show recognition for us as a team. That’s what Girl Scouts are: They are united.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Wesley Wasserman

This is one time I can wear this stuff and be accepted and not have anyone look at me weird. With my job, I can’t really be outspoken. You should feel welcome to dress however you want.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Taylor Betts

I am here today because I love weed. I used to live in California on the beach, and so I was channeling weed and good energy for my fashion inspo.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Antonio Payton and Antwon Payton

It is regular that my twin and I match. We wore a shirt named ‘Enjoy the Trip’ because we knew coming to this festival we would enjoy the trip.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Jeanne Porges

I love purple, so I have a Purple Haze–themed outfit. I’m with Students for Sensible Drug Policy. We’re doing advocacy and lobbying to decriminalize cannabis and release people from prison.

Photograph by Evy Mages .


Patrick Costello

I wanted to be casual and layered. Everything is from Goodwill except my shoes, which are Doc Martens. The majority of my jewelry is from my grandparents.

Photograph by Evy Mages .

This article appears in the June 2024 issue of Washingtonian.