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4 Early-Morning Eateries in DC

December 10, 2014
1. Eastern Market’s Market Lunch 225 Seventh St., SE Tuesday through Friday 7:30 AM, Saturday 8 AM, Sunday 9 AM If your client can wait to eat till the market opens at 7:30, the famous crabcake and eggs makes for... more

Corn with Manchego and Aioli from Estadio

December 8, 2014
Haidar Karoum’s deconstructed elote (Mexican street-style corn) comes back on the Estadio menu every summer. Can’t wait? Now you can make the small plate—one of our favorite dishes in 2014—at home. Serves 8 Make the corn: ¼ cup olive... more

Smoked Salmon Crisps from DBGB

November 20, 2014
Daniel Boulud reimagines a bagel with smoked salmon as an elegant canapé. more

Sweet and Sour Eggplant from DBGB

November 20, 2014
Thick, creamy Greek yogurt and strips of fresh mint adorn Daniel Boulud's vividly flavored vegetable creation. more

Hup Hup Orange Crush from Pop's Sea Bar

October 23, 2014
Despite this cocktail's trio of liquors, it’s remarkably easy-drinking. more

Coleslaw from Pop's Sea Bar

October 23, 2014
Chef John Manolatos has created a slaw recipe worth stealing. more

Ananda's Okra with Onions and Spices (Bhindi Pyaaz)

October 23, 2014
A standout veggie dish that's fragrant with Indian spices. more

Ananda's Watermelon-and-Feta Salad

October 23, 2014
This refreshing starter is equal parts sweet, spicy, and salty. more

Gypsy Soul's Pimiento Cheese

September 23, 2014
R.J. Cooper channels the South with this decadent dip. Photograph by Scott Suchman. We had a hard time resisting this Southern-style cheese spread at R.J. Cooper's Gypsy Soul. Lucky for us, it's ridiculously easy (and quick) to make at... more

Rural Society's Dulce de Leche Flan

September 23, 2014
Jose Garces folds rich and sweet dulce de leche into a wonderfully eggy custard. more

Lamb Burgers from Brandon's Little Truck

August 21, 2014
Brightly flavored spinach-and-fennel salad and rich roasted-garlic aioli dress up these Mediterranean-inspired patties. more

TaKorean's Kimchee-Style Slaw

August 21, 2014
This just-spicy-enough slaw works on more than just tacos. more

Tico's Caju Caipirinha

August 20, 2014
A bracing, tangy refresher for your cocktail repertoire. more

Clam Chowder from Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

August 20, 2014
This New England-style chowder isn't as heavy as most versions. more

Tico's Roasted Beets with Pistachios and Spicy Yogurt

August 20, 2014
Think beet salads are boring? Not this one. more

Egg Salad from Linda's Luncheonette

August 20, 2014
An ultra-creamy egg salad for your lunch rotation. more

The Pepe Truck's Gazpacho

August 20, 2014
Make the most of your summer tomatoes. more

Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll from Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls

August 20, 2014
This lobster sandwich is as delicious as it is easy to make. more

The Fava Pot's Spicy Feta Dip

August 20, 2014
This zesty Middle Eastern dip was born out of a food truck but would be at home at an upscale mezzeteria. more

Cheap Eats 2014

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel June 24, 2014
Dig into our annual guide to bargain dining and find the area’s tastiest indulgences that can be had for $25 or less per person. more

Where Foodies Shop

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel May 7, 2014
Want a four-star meal at home? First you need great ingredients—and you’ll find them all in our guide to the area's best butchers, bakeries, cheese shops, farmers markets and more. more

Tonight’s Dinner? It’s in the Mail

May 5, 2014
Ready-to-cook meal-delivery services aim to take the headache out of planning dinner by sending pre-portioned ingredients for chef-approved recipes. We tested three of the most popular websites. more

The 100 Very Best Restaurants for 2014

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Jessica Voelker, Anna Spiegel January 31, 2014
Our 2014 list of our critics’ favorite places to eat this year. more

What Made Me: Restaurateur Ashok Bajaj

By Anna Spiegel December 4, 2013
Twenty-five years after opening the Bombay Club, DC’s king of Indian food tells how his first venture led to an empire. more

Taste of the '60s: The Way Things Were

By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel November 14, 2013
Dining in the Camelot era sometimes meant “gypsy” music in the air and diamondback terrapin on the plate. more

Taste of the ’60s: Love Story

By Anna Spiegel November 8, 2013
A booth at Martin’s Tavern in Georgetown may have been the place JFK and Jackie made it official. more

Taste of the ’60s: Chef Who?

By Todd Kliman November 8, 2013
Fifty years ago, maître d’s—not the guys in the kitchen—were the restaurant celebrities. more

Taste of the ’60s: 8 Vintage Dishes We Love

By Anna Spiegel November 8, 2013
Where to find quenelles, filet Rossini, and other delicious flashbacks. more

A Vineyard for Every Taste

By Todd Kliman, Jessica Voelker October 11, 2013
Whether you’re an oenophile looking to try exclusive wines or a casual drinker who just wants to picnic, there’s a Virginia winery for you. Here are 19 favorites. more

Grape Escapes: Buy Local

October 11, 2013
These nine shops carry a good selection of top Virginia wines—but you might want to call ahead if you’re looking for a particular bottle. more

20 Winning Wineries

October 11, 2013
Find great wine a short drive from Washington. more

Grape Escapes: The Five Best Bottles We Tasted

October 11, 2013
Our favorite wines from Virgina wineries. more

Restaurateur Mark Kuller’s Third Course

By Todd Kliman September 12, 2013
His mother was a saint, his father a bookie. It took the son many years to figure out how to embrace the lessons of both their lives. more

Cheap Eats: Great Dishes for Every Palate

By Ann Limpert August 16, 2013
Sometimes, when you approach a cuisine that's new to you, it's hard to know where to start, especially when you're faced with a 150-item menu. And sometimes, you might eat a certain type of food all the time, but... more

Cheap Eats 2013: Know Cali-Mex From Hipster Mex?

August 15, 2013
A primer on the many genres of local Mexican restaurants. more

Cheap Eats 2013: What’s that Flavor?

August 15, 2013
Thai cooks use an array of beautifully fragrant accents. These are a few you’re likely to come across. more

Cheap Eats 2013: Spice It Up

August 15, 2013
Stuck in a chicken tikka masala rut? Check out five other favorite curries. more

Cheap Eats 2013: Finishing Touches

August 15, 2013
Kebabs and rice are filling, sure—but these sweets are worth saving room for. more

Cheap Eats 2013: A Cup Above

August 14, 2013
We love the earthy brews—and chilled-out vibe—at Ethiopian coffeehouses. more

Cheap Eats 2013: Rare Birds

By Anna Spiegel August 14, 2013
Our quest for Jamaica-worthy jerk chicken ended at the Sweet Mango Cafe. more

Cheap Eats 2013: Quick Change

By Anna Spiegel August 14, 2013
During the week, Tutto Bene slings spaghetti. But on weekends, it’s all about Bolivian salteñas. more

Cheap Eats 2013: Feast of Eden

August 14, 2013
The Eden Center is a Vietnamese-food lovers’ paradise. Here’s a guide to our favorite spots. more

Cheap Eats 2013: It’s not All About the Pig

By Anna Spiegel August 14, 2013
Porky soups are common in ramen shops—but these veggie broths lighten things up deliciously, more

Cheap Eats 2013: Tastes of Home

August 14, 2013
Photograph by Desiree Navarro/Alamy. David Chang—the famed chef behind the Momofuku restaurant empire in New York City, Toronto, and Sydney—grew up in Northern Virginia and still has plenty of cravings for hometown eats. Here, his three favorite Korean spots... more

Cheap Eats 2013: “Too hot for me.” “I don’t like spicy.”

August 14, 2013
We’ve heard it all. It’s easy to sit down at a Szechuan restaurant and wind up with a slate of mouth-scorching dishes, to walk out overwhelmed, numbed, and wondering if you’re missing something. The key is to balance hot... more

Coming Soon: Something’s Brewing

By Jessica Voelker June 6, 2013
Bluejacket, a restaurant and brewer’s fantasyland, is set to take the local beer scene to the next level. more

Craft Beer Guide: Don’t Tilt the Glass!

By Tammy Tuck June 6, 2013
Even if you majored in beer in college, you still might have a few things to learn. more

Craft Beer Guide: Know Your Beer Geeks

By Anna Spiegel June 6, 2013
Suds lovers come in many guises, from PBR-swilling hipsters to obscurity-obsessed connoisseurs. more

Craft Beer Guide: Say Prost (Or Cin Cin)

June 6, 2013
Looking for a perfect Pilsner or a Moretti on draft? These places offer nice European selections. more

Craft Beer Guide: Where to Knock One Back

By Tammy Tuck June 6, 2013
Our favorite places to down a pint (or two) or fill up a growler. more

Craft Beer Guide: Glossary

By Tammy Tuck June 6, 2013
Beer terms from ABV to yeast. more

First Look: Bungalow Lakehouse

By Jessica Voelker May 31, 2013
In Sterling, former Central chef Jason Maddens aims high—and sometimes succeeds. more

An Insider’s Guide to Farmers Markets

May 16, 2013
Who sells the sweetest tomatoes, the tenderest lettuce, the eggs with the richest yolks? It’s the job of chefs to know these things, and they’ve tasted around many local farms and markets to find the best. We asked them to share their favorites. more

“Take One Sample—Please”and Other Farmers Market Etiquette

May 16, 2013
The Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market is one of the busiest in our area, with locals and tourists all jockeying for that perfectly plump tomato or that sample of ripe peach. We asked the seasoned vendors for some of their do’s and don’ts for customer behavior. more

How to Tell When Produce Is Ripe

May 16, 2013
Even at the farmers market, where produce is just-picked, it pays to know when to squeeze (tomatoes) and when to tap (watermelon). We asked Matt Ray, mid-Atlantic produce coordinator for Whole Foods, how to shop and store wisely. more

Our Local Farmers Market Favorites

May 16, 2013
Some of the tastiest things our food editors have found at local markets. more

Beyond Produce

May 16, 2013
The best finds at farmers markets aren’t always things you eat. more

The Meaning of Local

By Todd Kliman May 6, 2013
In the food world, “local” has become shorthand for doing the right thing. But what does it really say about the way we eat? more

Favorite Things: The Red Hen’s Sebastian Zutant and Lauren Winter

By Anna Spiegel April 2, 2013
We caught up with them at Boundary Stone and talked cocktails, candy, and other indulgences. more

Best of Bethesda 2013: Where to Eat

By Ann Limpert March 4, 2013
Bethesda has so many restaurants—here are our favorites. more

100 Very Best Restaurants 2013: 5 Places to Watch

February 19, 2013
We’re keeping close tabs on these restaurants—from Range, Bryan Voltaggio’s supersized dining playground, to José Andrés’s resurrected Minibar, which turns dinner into performance art. more

100 Very Best Restaurants 2013: Restaurateurs of the Year

By Anna Spiegel February 19, 2013
Barbara and Jeff Black have hits all over town—five restaurants, a bocce bar, a fish market—and there’s more to come. more

100 Very Best Restaurants 2013: Incoming and Outgoing

February 19, 2013
New restaurants added to the list and those that didn't make the cut this year. more

First Person: Secrets to Baking Bread

By Mike Feinsilber February 14, 2013
It just takes a recipe, some time (mostly the dough’s, not yours), and occasionally a little imagination. more

2013 Restaurant Preview: New And Noteworthy

By Anna Spiegel January 11, 2013
From spiffed-up hot dogs to cool cocktail spots, there’s plenty that’s fresh on the scene. more

2013 Restaurant Preview: Coming Soon

By Anna Spiegel January 11, 2013
Here are the restaurants we’re most looking forward to. Let the cravings begin! more

Eater in Chief: Where Barack Obama Should Eat Out During His Second Term

By Todd Kliman January 2, 2013
Congratulations, Mr. President—a second term. Now the pressing question: Where will you be eating? more

Where to Eat in Old Town Alexandria

By Ann Limpert December 12, 2012
From elegant dining rooms and romantic bistros to lively gastropubs and family-style restaurants, Old Town serves up some very fine dining. more

Best in Food 2012: Beyond the Linen Napkin

By Todd Kliman December 7, 2012
In 2012, the most exciting food was found in lunch trucks, low-key neighborhood spots, even a Clarendon apartment. more

Best in Food 2012: All Shook Up

By Jessica Voelker December 7, 2012
Cocktail king Todd Thrasher rocks out in Arlington. more

Best in Food 2012: Shandies Under the Stars

By Jessica Voelker December 7, 2012
When the Hilton brothers opened their English-style pub, the Brixton, they debuted DC’s best outdoor drinking spot. more

Best in Food 2012: Shoppers’ Delight

By Jessica Voelker December 7, 2012
What was once a desolate DC warehouse is now bustling Union Market. more

Best in Food 2012: Food Trucks

By Anna Spiegel December 7, 2012
Fabulous steak frites, José Andrés–approved gazpacho, a standout chicken quesadilla, and many more reasons these new food trucks are worth lining up for. more

Best in Food 2012: Five Lunch Sandwiches to Love

By Ann Limpert December 7, 2012
If the past few years have been a boon for burger fans, 2012 was a banner year for lovers of a good old sandwich. Here are our favorite newcomers. more

A New Green Hat in Town: DC’s First Microdistillery

By Kathleen Bridges November 29, 2012
In a Northeast DC warehouse, an ex-lawyer and his son-in-law are paying homage to a legend from Washington’s boozy past—and hoping to tap into a still very thirsty local market. more

A Beginner’s Guide to Sake

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Pabu’s Tiffany Soto reveals all about the wonderfully nuanced Japanese beverage. more

Ramen, Ramen Everywhere: Where to Get Ramen in Washington

By Ann Limpert November 7, 2012
There are more places than ever to warm up over big bowls of the Japanese noodle soup. We slurped our way through them—and found some excellent pork-belly buns and mango shaved ice along the way. more

For His Next Act: Daisuke Utagawa's Next Restaurant Venture

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Penn Quarter welcomes Daisuke Utagawa’s latest restaurant. more

Myths of Sushi

By Todd Kliman November 7, 2012
Think those slices of yellowtail and salmon are fresh from the ocean? Think again. more

Go Ahead, Pick It Up: The Right and Wrong Ways to Eat Sushi

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Chef Kaz Okochi on the right—and wrong—ways to eat raw fish. more

Where’s the Best Sushi in Washington?

By Todd Kliman November 7, 2012
Washington is packed with sushi spots. For the last few years, an unassuming Dupont Circle dining room has been outshining them all. more

A Dash of Ash Oil: Toki Underground's Toki Hakata Classic Ramen

By Ann Limpert November 7, 2012
Chef/owner Erik Bruner-Yang explains what goes into an order. more

A Cut Above: Local Chefs' Sushi Knives

By Anna Spiegel November 7, 2012
Japanese knives are some of the most prized—and expensive. Local chefs reveal their favorites. more

Sake 101: Glossary

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Know your ginjo from your genshu. more

How to Warm Up Sake

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
As a rule, premium sakes should be served chilled. But sometimes heating sake can reveal lovely new flavors. These methods gently warm the beverage. more

5 Things to Know About Sake

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Plus: Where to find it in Washington. more

What Foods to Pair With Sake

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Sake and ceviche? It works. more

Sake 101: There’s a Sake for Everyone

By Jessica Voelker November 7, 2012
Which sake should Scotch fans or white-wine drinkers look for? Follow our handy chart to find out. more

How to Cook and Eat Fall Gourds

By Ann Limpert November 2, 2012
They're not only decorative, you know. more

5 Best Eye-Openers: Best of Breakfast and Brunch 2012

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Jessica Voelker, Anna Spiegel, Cynthia Hacinli October 16, 2012
Hair of the dog never tasted so good. more

Best of Breakfast and Brunch 2012: Morning Joe

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Jessica Voelker, Anna Spiegel, Cynthia Hacinli October 10, 2012
Wake up and check out our favorite places for a coffee fix. more

Dream Kitchens 2012: Secrets of Home Chefs

By Anna Spiegel October 3, 2012
Pop-up restaurants are hot, with some talented chefs running “supper clubs” out of their apartments or houses. We talked to three home chefs about cooking in small spaces, decorating for a dinner party, favorite tools and gadgets, and more. more

Where to Eat in New York City

By Ann Limpert, Anna Spiegel September 20, 2012
Nine hot bars and restaurants serving everything from foie-gras-stuffed chicken to sublime pizza. more

Best of Georgetown 2012: Where to Eat in Georgetown

By Ann Limpert September 19, 2012
Georgetown’s eateries offer special-occasion splurges, creative salads, and loads of decadent sweets—including rich gelato, feathery croissants, and the area’s best cupcake. more

Pimiento, Please: Where to Eat Pimiento Cheese in Washington

By Kate Parham September 17, 2012
Pimiento cheese is no longer just a zesty, creamy spread. Here’s how chefs are playing with the Southern snack—and where you can still find it the old-fashioned way. more

Chef Johnny Monis: Komi’s Backstage Artist

By Shane Harris September 5, 2012
Johnny Monis was just 24 when he opened Komi, the top-ranked restaurant in the area. Yet in an age of cookbook-hawking TV-star chefs, Monis has studiously avoided becoming a celebrity. more

Easy as Pie: A Guide to Regional Pizza Styles

By Todd Kliman September 5, 2012
Can’t tell New Haven pizza from Neapolitan? Here’s a guide to regional styles—even Maryland has one. more

What Made Me: Carla Hall

By Jessica Voelker August 28, 2012
The “Top Chef” all-star and cohost of ABC’s “The Chew” on growing up a tomboy, spiritual healing, and the art of recovery. more

Supermarket Ice Cream Favorites

By Ann Limpert, Todd Kliman, Jessica Voelker, Anna Spiegel August 9, 2012
Here are the four varieties we like best from the grocery store. more

Cold Rush: Washington’s Best Ice Creams

By Todd Kliman, Ann Limpert, Jessica Voelker, Anna Spiegel, Nevin Martell August 9, 2012
After the hottest July on record, we all scream for 25 of the most delicious sundaes, scoops, sandwiches, and shakes. more