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Restaurateur Michael Kosmides Is Not Opening an Icelandic Restaurant

You’ll just have to get your puffin fix elsewhere.

You won’t be feasting on these li’l guys anytime soon. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Sorry to all those hoping to dine on skyr and shark meat when Look debuts next week (and particularly to Popville’s commenters, who’ve been especially excited/annoyed). Contrary to the early news and consequent rumors that restaurateur Michael Kosmides is transforming the former Teatro Goldoni space into Washington’s first Icelandic eatery, the Cities owner tells us that the restaurant isn’t themed around our Nordic neighbors, nor was that ever part of the plan.

“People thought we were opening some kind of Viking restaurant. It was funny, so we just kind of went with it,” says Kosmides.

The Iceland connection came about because the architect hails from the European isle. You’ll find plenty of edgy Nordic design in the 165-seat space: Think interactive light displays on the bar and stairway, leather-walled dining booths, and two-way hologram projection screens casting various images on the walls. As for the food, the small-plates menu is made up of globally inspired dishes such as lobster risotto, Malbec-braised short ribs, and scallops on the half shell. The K Street spot hosts friends-and-family events this weekend, but will be open to the public on March 11.

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