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Sidewalk Style: Equal Access

We stop a PhD student who’s smart about the way she dresses.

Lesley-Anne Pittard, 29
PhD student, education-policy studies, University of Virginia

What she’s wearing:
A skirt she bought in high school, a sweater from Ann Taylor, a department-store belt, and cowboy-style boots from either T.J. Maxx or Marshalls.

What’s your style philosophy?
“My work is all about equal access, equal opportunity, and inclusion, and I relate that to my wardrobe. If you believe in those things, it flows into your language, your attitude, and your appearance. I’ll be honest—I don’t really shop that much. I like nice things, but I try to consider myself a role model with what I wear.”

How would you describe your look?
“Traditional eclectic. I can get away with more because I’m tall.”

What do you think about stylish women in powerful roles in Washington, such as Michelle Obama?
“Now that we have a First Lady of color, I feel more affirmed in my look. It’s a fact that people see what you have on before they see you, and she has managed to be strong but have flair and personality. It makes me feel like I, too, can be at the table.”

What do you like to wear the most in the fall?
“I don’t know what I’d do without my leggings and actually my legwarmers. I’m so Flashdance at night! In my last life, I was a dancer.”

Rachel says:
I absolutely love that Lesley-Anne integrated some major personality with her boots into a work-appropriate ensemble. It all works because the colors—boots included—are neutral.

Weigh in on Lesley-Anne’s look!

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