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Cool Winter Boots for Your Cold-Weather Commute

Keep your feet cozy (and cute) with these shearling-lined options.

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The temperature may be picking back up, but if there’s any lesson we learned from yesterday’s freezing winds, it’s that warm footwear is a definite necessity for commuting to work in the winter. Caught in a cold-weather pinch, we sheepishly donned our old Ugg boots and bolted out the door, hoping against hope we wouldn’t run into anyone we know. Ladies, we know they’re warm and easy to walk in, but there are much more stylish options out there. Here are 14 minimally heeled, shearling-lined alternatives to the dreaded Uggs. Snatch up a pair before the next cold front.

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  • It is also a good idea to purchase snow boots that can either be tied snuggly at the top or closed to keep snow from creeping down into the boot. The soles, or bottoms of the boot should be rubber for water protection and serves as a form of traction as well. Especially if in a cold climate, insulated boots are a must in children’s winter boots. The insulation is usually made of sheepskin, fleece , shearling or an insulated synthetic fabric, and is found around the leg area to keep water and snow out and to keep the legs and feet warm as well.

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