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Michelle Fenty, 37

Ten of Washington’s best-dressed women share their fashion advice, their favorite shops—and their fashion disasters. Read about one of them.

This article is from 2006's Best Dressed Women package. To see 2007's Best Dressed Women package, click here.

Attorney at Perkins Coie and wife of DC mayor-elect Adrian Fenty

Photograph by Matthew Worden

Who are your favorite designers? I like Calvin Klein for work clothes because of his classic straight lines and monochromatic colors. I love Vera Wang for evening—her dresses can be classic feminine and subtle. Tracy Reese is great, too. She uses so much color.

Do you have a fashion inspiration? I love Sarah Jessica Parker, some of her evening gowns. She seems to like Oscar de la Renta. You put on those clothes and you feel like a princess. I like Halle Berry—she’s worn a few suits recently that seem to be things that I would wear.

A dream item you’d love to own? I’ve seen a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks that I wouldn’t mind paying $800 for. They’re like sculptures. You’d buy them and wouldn’t even want to wear them.