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Craigslist Scavenger

A weekly look at the best—and most interesting—furniture for sale on Craigslist

Here's my Craisglist Scavenger pick of the week: a lipped tea table by Baker that looks to be in excellent shape. A great deal for $160, the table's large front drawer is made to look like two smaller ones. 

More Cool Stuff:

•  Contemporary Grey Sofa (with a funny story that goes along with it) for $600 
•  Grandmother Clock for $350
•  Coffee table by Baker for $170
•  Country Wood Dining Table with two chairs and two benches for $300
•  Parlor Table for $120
•  Patio Furniture for $150
•  This End Up wooden desk for $150
•  Unused Pottery Barn Rug for $400
•  Two black wood bedside tables for $150
•  Four stackable chairs from Design Within Reach for $80 each

Thanks, Craigslist!

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