Things to Do

Where & When: What To Do This Week

A local collective of music in Arlington, our new favorite happy hour and more make up this week's nightlife picks.

Monday, January 7: Pop and Folk at Iota
The first Monday of every month, the Federal Reserve Collective gathers at Iota in Arlington (2832 Wilson Blvd.; 703-522-8340). The evening has nothing to do with interest rates; instead, it’s all about talented local musicians gathering for a night of straight-up pop, folk, and guitar rock. Stop in at the club and see artists ranging from These United States to Vandaveer and plenty more. Best of all, all of this great music will only run you $5. 8:30 pm.

Tuesday, January 8: Wes Anderson Film Series
Filmmaker Wes Anderson brought new life to cinema with quirky, obsessively styled, touching, and hilarious films such as The Royal Tennenbaums and Rushmore. Catch his best work through this week at the Wes Anderson Retrospective at AFI Silver Theater and Cultural Center (8633 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring; 301-495-6720). Monday night, it’s The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, starring Bill Murray. 9:20 pm; $9.75.

Wednesday, January 9: Our New Favorite Happy Hour
Beyond Happy Hour may be one of the best happy hours you’ve never heard of. Held every Wednesday from 6 to 11 in the upstairs lounge of Skewers and Cafe Luna restaurants (1633 P St., NW; 202-332-2543), it showcases excellent local DJs and insanely cheap drink specials: $2 beers, $3 pomegranate martinis, and $4 Ketel One martinis until 8 pm, with prices going up by just a dollar after that. Even better? There’s a $2 tapas menu from Cafe Luna all night long.

Thursday, January 10: Star Wars Screening
If you’ve somehow managed to go your entire life without seeing the classic film Star Wars, worry not: You’re not alone. Thursday evening, the wonderful coffee shop Big Bear Cafe (First and R sts., NW) is doing something to remedy that situation—projecting the film onto a wall of the cafe to kick off a continuing film series. Get out there and get both your coffee and your Luke Skywalker fixes. 7:30 pm.