Read Today’s Chat Transcript

Wow. I am completely floored by how many questions wedding planner Laura Weatherly just answered in our live chat. Seriously—if you asked a question but weren’t following along live, read the transcript, because she blazed through the entire queue. Some highlights: advice on what to do if you’re not huge on wedding cake (mmm, pie) and where to get cute/summery/wearable-after-the-ceremony bridesmaid dresses besides J. Crew.

To all of you brides and grooms (or maybe wedding-goers wondering what to wear or how much to spend on gifts) who haven’t yet submitted questions: Next week’s planner, Allison Jackson, is looking forward to a full inbox, so don’t disappoint her! You can submit here or tune in next Thursday, January 24, at 11 AM to ask questions live.


Missed last week's live chat? No problem—we've got it right here.

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