A Very Tasty Chat

Warning: Reading today’s chat transcript may make you hungry. Baker Leslie Goldman-Poyourow just answered wedding-cake questions about Twinkies, s’mores, Funfetti, and the sticky issue of nonbuttercream frosting. Also in the chat: how to preserve a slice of cake for your one-year anniversary, what to do if you don’t like traditional fondant, and what the deal is with the whole groom’s cake thing.

Next week, celebrate Valentine’s Day by thinking about what may be the most romantic thing you’ll buy: the dress. Julia Lichtman Kepniss and Carin Rosenberg Levine from trendy Georgetown bridal shop Hitched will be here to take your questions about wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, or anything else in the I’m-getting-married fashion department. Submit questions here or come back next Thursday, February 14, at 11 AM to ask live. Okay, I’m off to get some dessert somewhere.