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The Week in Real Estate

A round-up of real-estate news and gossip.

• Prince of Petworth has a picture of the development being constructed above the Florida Avenue Grill. [PoP]

• Could repairs to the dilapidated house on the 1300 block of Girard Street, NW, belonging to Ward 1 activists Dorothy Brizill and Gary Imhoff finally be underway? [New Columbia Heights]

• With plans for the construction of a sports complex near Crystal City given the green light, the Arlington County Board is now trying to find a way to raise enough money to cover the project’s cost, estimated at more than $100 million. [Washington Post via What’s Up Arlington]

• Call it denial: Live on the Red Line alerts us to a real estate Web site with a positive attitude about the housing market. [Live on the Red Line]

• The city’s Department of Employment Services could soon be relocating to the Benning Road/Minnesota Avenue area. Plans for the construction of a five-story building to serve as the DES’s new headquarters were submitted to the National Planning Comission yesterday. [DCmud]

• Restonian rightfully mocks a realtor’s desperate and disingenuous attempt to entice potential buyers. [Restonian]

• Per its residents’ request, The General Scott Condominium’s roof will be given a green makeover. [DCMetrocentric]

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