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The Week in Real Estate

Every Friday, we round up the week's real-estate news and gossip.

• The Old Georgetown Board (made up of three architects who probably don’t own any Apple products, otherwise they’d know how exasperating it is to trek all the way to Pentagon City) rejected the company’s design proposal for a fourth time. [WaPo]

• Have we learned nothing from Prince, Beyonce, and Kanye West? New names never work, so let’s just leave Columbia Heights as is. [New Columbia Heights]

• More than $4 million was raised at last Friday’s property auction, according to the Department of Housing and Community Development. Almost all of the properties up for auction were sold, but details on the new owners are not available yet. [DCmud]• Here’s a rendering of the new residential building on Naylor Court and 9th St., NW. [RenewShaw]

• It’s a buyer’s market, but do you know what questions to ask your real estate agent? [UrbanTurf]

• The guaranteed laugh of the day comes courtesy of Restonian’s high-low real estate column. [Restonian]