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The Week in Real Estate

• Developers told sales staff at the Metropole, a new condo on the corner of 15th and P streets, that they can begin negotiating with potential buyers on prices. [UrbanTurf]

• Jim Graham, DC councilmember and member of the Metro board of directors, hosted a live chat, in which he talked about streetcars, new circulator routes, and the recent proposal to charge residents for street lighting. [GreaterGreaterWashington]

• Here’s what the interior of Rosslyn Central Place, a proposed skyscraper in Arlington, will look like. [DCmetrocentric]

• Under President Obama’s stimulus plan, homeowners get a tax credit for 30 percent of the cost of their energy-efficient home improvements. [Housing Complex]

• The Arlington County Board approved $2 million more in loans for the redevelopment of the Macedonia Baptist Church. [DCmud]

• Businesses along the H Street corridor are complaining about street construction in the area. [Fox via Frozen Tropics]