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It never occurred to me that “day bed” was a loaded phrase until my husband and I decided to shop for one for our guest bedroom. Apparently, for many, the words conjure images of curvy white metal frames and ruffly bed skirts. For me, a day bed is just a way to fit more stuff in my apartment, one of my overriding goals in life. Consider this blog post a public-service message, in which I will try to clear the name of innocent day beds. Really, they’ve come a long way.

Take Design Within Reach’s Twilight Sleep Sofa. They can call it a sofa if they want, but to me this is just a fancy, modern day bed. I love every color DWR makes it in, and it’s down from $1,680 to $1,512.



For about half of that price—or $799—you can get CB2’s Lubi Daybed.


Pottery Barn’s Priscilla day bed is down from $699 to $499. To me it looks like an awesome place to read a book or take an afternoon snooze. But I’m told that to men it looks like a “giant crib.” I can sort of see that, too.

Ballarad Designs has a nice and simple specimen that can cost as little as $599 depending on the fabric you choose. I’d go with something fun, like the apple velvet.