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Much to my delight, the big Memorial Days sales seem to be sort of trailing off, rather than just ending, so prices continue to drop. West Elm started an online sale today, and all of the merchandise there will be 10 percent off through Monday. The outdoor furniture is discounted even further, which means you can pick up the not-too-fussy Sydney Lounge Chair and cushion for $334, down from $413.  Also, check out this sliding-top coffe table, which just might be my holy grail of storage furniture. It’s now $339, down from $399.

Wisteria just added the beautiful balcony railing headboard to its ongoing sale. It’s down from $850 to $595, and I’m including in this week because it seems like the kind of piece that can just make the room. I think such a room would have to be a little bit soft and subtle to accommodate it, though.

As for department stores, take your pick! They are all dropping prices. I think I’ve decided that I want Bloomingdales’ cake plate. It is now $49, down from $70. At first, I wasn’t totally sure that it wasn’t ugly, but now I am certain: it’s fabulous. 

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