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The Week in Real Estate

Every Friday, we round up the week's real-estate news and gossip.

• Here’s a look at the progress on Constitution Square, a mixed-use development in the NoMa neighborhood that will house a Harris Teeter grocery store and the Department of Justice’s new offices. [DCMetrocentric]

• Finally! The warehouse at 14th and T streets—which was supposed to house condos, then commercial space, then a coffee shop and yoga studio, then…we lost track, frankly—has been sold to Room & Board, a Minnesota-based furniture retailer. [DCMud]

• Food for thought in these tough economic times: Painting your roof white could save you $20 a month. [Housing Complex]

• The Floridian condominium—which looks like it has one of those Star Trek teleporting machines on its rooftop, but maybe it’s just us—is having problems with one of its lenders. [DCMud]

• Four teams of developers offered plans for the redevelopment of Hine Junior High School near Eastern Market.  [Housing Complex]

• Another city school is in talks about a possible renovation: Stevens Elementary School in Foggy Bottom. Three plans have been selected, two of which propose a luxury hotel on the site.  [WBJ]