Sidewalk Style: Such a Drag

We were out and about at the Capital Pride parade when we spotted Ongina, the petite fan favorite from RuPaul’s Drag Race show.

Name: Ongina, performer
Age: “Timeless.”

What she’s wearing:
H&M dress, Stella McCartney shoes, David Mason headpiece, vintage jewelry.

You obviously love dressing up. How did your love for clothes begin?
“I’ve always loved fashion. It’s something that I’ve always appreciated. The craftsmanship that goes into the clothes and translating it how I see it fit my persona is rewarding. I lived in New York City from 2001 to 2007, which is when I started my love for dressing up. Especially after meeting such creative and inspirational people, I was able to create my own look and go with it. It’s really exciting to translate an image in my head into reality.”

Tell me about your iconic bald head and hairpieces.
“As an artist, I separate myself from the norm of what you might know about drag queens by wearing my head bald and headpieces instead of wigs. Sometimes I wear wigs, but I’m most comfortable when I’m bald or rocking a sick headpiece. I befriended a master hat designer—a milliner—in New York named David Mason, and he was kind enough to lend me pieces to wear when I dress up and go out. But since I’ve moved to Los Angeles, I’ve had to create pieces for myself. I love making them—I get to be as creative as I want to be!”

Any style advice for the women of Washington?
“Whatever it is that you put on, no matter if it’s sweatpants or a haute-couture gown, you must own it! There’s a thin line between looking good and not looking good with personal style, and sometimes when there’s no ownership, the line is crossed into not looking so good.”

What one thing would you like to see Michelle Obama wear?

“I want to see our First Lady wear a headpiece that will match a very ladylike haute-couture piece. She’s such a fashion-forward person, and it’s nice to have a First Lady that’s not stuffy. Such a breath of fresh air that woman is for all the fashion-conscious people out there!”

Rachel says:
I’m thrilled to have been able to include a drag queen like Ongina in this column. I think as women we can learn a lot about style from ladies such as her. The lesson? Don’t be afraid to be gorgeous and bold. Ongina is on Facebook and online.

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