Sidewalk Style: Night Vision

A fashion-merchandising student schools us on how to wear shorts in cool weather.

Photograph by Chris Svetlik.

Who: Tiera Sconion, 20, Howard University student.

Where we stopped her: DC Fashion Week’s Networking Party.

What she’s wearing: A $5 brocade thrift-store jacket, fashion-blogger favorite (and currently sold-out) Alice & Olivia Madison Biker Boots for Payless, shorts she made herself, and thrift-store jewelry.

We’re kind of in shock that you’ve managed to major in fashion in Washington. Tell us more about your program.
“I’m majoring in fashion merchandising at Howard University. The program allows students to get a full scope of the business aspect behind merchandising as well as the industry. Thus far, my favorite classes have been Elka Stevens’s Visual Merchandising, which allowed me to understand the logistics behind running a successful store, and Fashion Illustration I and II, taught by Miki Taylor. Those classes allowed me to appreciate clothing design and also introduced me to designing on the computer.”

What are your career goals and aspirations?
“To brand myself as a business—this could include my own clothing line or styling. Lately, I’ve also become interested in restarting my fashion blog. I’d love to become big within the industry and help Washington become a fashion capital.”

This is a fashion-focused event, so we know you put some thought into this outfit. How did you decide what to wear tonight?
“I decided on this look mainly because of the jacket. Usually I get dressed based on one specific part of my outfit and go from there. Once I decided I’d wear the jacket, the rest was easy.”

What’s a Friday-night look you always feel great in?
“I really don’t have a go-to going out look—it’d depend on the day and how I was feeling as I got dressed. One dress I always feel great in is a black-and-red piece from American Apparel. It is so cute and really comfy.”

Which college campus has the best-dressed students in Washington?
“Of course, Howard University! It’s a mix of style and individuality and will inspire anyone to want to become a fashion major.”

Describe your style in five words or fewer.

The ’80s resurgence has a tendency to be taken too literally in street fashion, and brocade can come off way grandmotherly if done incorrectly. Brave Tiera combined two risky trends and found an affordable way to wear the futuristic look that Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Ciara have been favoring as of late. Admit it—even if the ensemble’s not for you, the girl deserves some major creativity points.

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Sidewalk Style: Night Vision
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