Sidewalk Style: Casablanca Edition

Vintage inspiration and bargain shopping snagged this dresser a snappy look.

Diana Molovinsky, 35
Owner, Bec’s produce stand in McLean

What she’s wearing:
Her dress, hat and gloves are 1940s vintage purchased on eBay (for a song!).

What did you spend on your outfit? “The hat and gloves were $11 total, and the dress was $30.”

Can’t beat that! Think you’ll wear some of these pieces again? “I’m sure I’ll wear the gloves for something. I never wear hats, but it was so fun! I would love to wear it again. It’s airy and light, so it would be fine for summer.”

Get your husband to take you to brunch outdoors somewhere. Speaking of—what did he think of your look? “He loved it! He likes when I get into these things. This event, and Halloween. Last year we were bugs.”

You’re a busy mom of four. Any places in particular you like to shop?Express is my favorite store. You can find the conservative look but also the more flashy fun things in one place. For jeans, I like to know my size in certain brands, so then I can just order them online if I need to. It’s multitasking! I like Express’s jeans and ones from Lucky.”

Rachel says:
Diana studied the movie Casablanca to draw inspiration for her glamorous ’40s look. If you love looks from past eras, pick up old magazines (flea markets are a good source), watch old movies, and pop into vintage shops. And don’t be afraid to don red lipstick and a glamorous hairdo—these looks are classic!

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