Sidewalk Style Returns!

Meet Brooke Kao, our new streetwear scout, and Calvin, her first eye-catching subject.

Sidewalk Style, our search for the most fashionable people in Washington, returns with a fresh new eye. Our new scout is Brooke Kao, the quirktastic American University student behind the fashion tumblr MOOHOOP. Get acquainted through her Blogger Beat interview, or check her out in The Washingtonian’s 2009 Style Setters package, then take a look at her first subject: Calvin Clemmons.

Who: Calvin Clemmons

Where: DC’s Chinatown

Describe your style: “I’d consider it to be very modern, eclectic, and wordly, with a little vintage twist.”

Fabulous earring—any reason for wearing it?
“No reason; just wanted to put it on.”

Where are you from originally? “San Francisco.”

Why are you in Washington? “I’m here for about five days opening up a Forever 21 store [at 1025 F St., NW, which opened in July].”

How do you feel about style in Washington? “It’s very conservative, but at the same time very vintage chic.”

>> Do you love it or hate it? Weigh in on Calvin’s look in the comments below.

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