Sidewalk Style: Eskimo Cool

Can fur hats, combat boots, and suit jackets peacefully coexist?

Who: Rashad Muhammad, 21
Graphic-design student

How would you describe your style?

“Urban professional. I always pay attention to what I wear, and sometimes—like today—I just like to dress it up.”

What do you have on today?

“A blazer and a skinny tie from a thrift store that doesn’t exist anymore, an Express shirt and pants, an H&M hat and bag, and Steve Madden shoes.”

What’s your thrift-store-shopping strategy?

“If I find something that I like and it happens to fit, I get it. Or if it doesn’t fit, I make sure it’s bigger so I can get it tailored smaller.”

Where do you get your clothes tailored?

“Luckily, I have friends who will sew for me.”

What do you do besides graphic design?

“I’m a photography minor, and I run the photo lab.”

Brooke says:
The fur hat is Rashad’s trademark, and today he looked especially sharp in dark dress clothes and a crisp gray blazer. I’d call this look “Eskimo chic”—perfect for dreary Washington winters.

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