Etsy Stylist: Swingin’ in the Rain

Brighten up March showers with pops of color

If you’re forced to don galoshes in deference to March’s moody weather, pair them with a sassy skirt to keep spirits high. (And stash a pair of cute heels under your desk.)

Meet gray days head on with a bright retro print. Aqua floral wiggle skirt. The Greedy Seagull, $34.

A sunny citrus pattern gives you a needed taste of California sun. Lemon-and-lime pencil skirt. Art Effect, $74.50.

This black-and-white wool begs for a vivid blouse on top. Tuck skirt. Kanaro, $60.

Heidi the Artist accents a casual bamboo mini with a design taken from her original painting. Eco Belvedere skirt, $22.

Melissa Tabor pairs tame tweed with a seatbelt waistband for a little edge. Gathered tweed short skirt. $185.

Matches anything? Check. Inspires ear-to-ear grins? Check. Rainbow circle miniskirt (pictured right). YY Studio, $159.60.

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