Great Finds: Men’s Watches

8 timeless investment pieces

men's watches Many men invest in two pieces of fine jewelry: a wedding band and a watch. Of the two, your wife is less likely to give you a hard time about wanting more than one fine-quality watch—if, that is, you let her wear one now and then.

“Watches with large faces are the hottest trend right now for men and women,” says Joe Turchiarolo of Liljenquist & Beckstead, the Tysons Galleria store that sells such high-end brands as IWC, Patek Philippe, and Panerai. “Men are asking for extra-large watches with rubber, leather, or metal bands. It’s a very masculine, almost macho look—something that Jason Bourne or James Bond would wear.”

In other words, you can indulge your childhood fantasy of being an international spy. Just keep it focused on the wrist. View 8 great wristwatches in our slideshow

This feature originally appeared in the January 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.  

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