Idea We Love: Scrabble Wedding Cake

Word nerds, have we got a cake for you

We wonder what a Words with Friends cake would look like. Photograph courtesy of Kendall Barrett

This cake elicited many shrieks of joy around our office—a full-on, completely realistic Scrabble wedding cake by Kendall Barrett of Kendall’s Cakes in Falls Church. We asked Barrett for the story behind this incredible confection:

“The bride and groom were living in separate cities and they had a travel Scrabble board for weekend visits,” she says. “They had a quite a tiff over a word one weekend—the next visit the groom pulled out the Scrabble board, but the bride refused to play. He kept asking her, and finally, by the end of the weekend she agreed. When she opened the board, he had cleared the game and written “Will you marry me?” in its place! I just knew I had to create a Scrabble cake after hearing their story.”

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