Pick Your Favorite New Colored Wedding Dress

We just got back from New York Bridal Market—and we want to hear what you think of the straight-from-the-runway wedding dresses. Today’s theme: non-white gowns.

Are you just not into the whole “white wedding gown” thing? Here are some colorful options. Photographs courtesy of the designers

Yesterday, we asked you to choose your favorite tiered wedding dress—and it looks like you’re a fan of the beachy and romantic Ivy & Aster gown. We’ll keep featuring polls throughout the week to eventually crown your favorite gown of the whole season.

Today we’re looking at colored wedding dresses. On nearly every runway this season, we saw wedding gowns that ranged in hue from metallic silver to purple. So we want to know:

Which of these colored wedding gowns would you be most likely to wear?