15 Hostess Necessities for the Perpetual Party Planner

Growing up, she fell asleep with her mother’s Martha Stewart Living tucked beneath her pillowcase, and was the toast of the lunch table with her cucumber-and-cream-cheese tea sandwiches. In college, her dorm room fridge was stocked with wheels of Brie and Concord grapes for unexpected study group sessions, and she somehow managed to hide her fig- and vanilla-scented candles from her bossy RA. These days, she’s churning out lemon scones, caviar-topped blinis, and Champagne cocktails in her galley kitchen, leaving friends and fete-goers wondering just how she does it. Oscar watch parties, summer solstice picnics, wine tastings, bachelorette to-dos, baby showers, brunches—she’s done them all with style and grace, and still manages to look flawless when opening the door to greet her ever-appreciative guests. Help her keep up that domestic-goddess reputation with these sweet, sophisticated, and affordable entertaining picks.