16 Ugly Holiday Sweaters You Can Find at Local Stores

From glitzy ’80s offerings to cozy, timeless wools, these shops have got you covered—literally.

There are some seriously stylish—and seriously ridiculous—Christmas sweater options at local vintage stores right now. Photographs by Kelci House.

Slideshow: 16 Outrageous Christmas Sweaters From DC Vintage Stores

Attending another round of holiday festivities this weekend and still looking for that perfect Christmas sweater? Hunt no further. We’ve scoured the city to find you the shops that still have stock.

Check out U Street’s Rock It Again for classy wools with international flair. The boutique is full of timeless, grade-A warmth you’ll wear for winters to come. For the outlandish sort, Mt. Pleasant–based Frugalista comes through with appliqué snowflakes, oversize Santas, and cutesy Christmas trees for a steal. Up in Columbia Heights, It’s Vintage Darling will outfit you in a smattering of bedazzled ’80s pieces that could last you well into New Year’s. Click through our slideshow for a look at some of the options.