Introducing a New Column: How Sydney Wears It

Sydney Poulton of the Daybook is here to answer all your burning fashion Qs.

Pre-holiday break, we here at The Washingtonian uncovered (and quickly fell in love with) Daybook blogger Sydney Poulton. Funny, upbeat posts about her life as a new mom in NoVA paired with impeccable personal style pics? Yes, please!

After we posted this interview with Sydney in late December, the gushing comments came flooding in—looks like we weren’t the only ones with a new girl crush! It didn’t take us long to figure out we had to bring her on board as a new style columnist. She’ll be posting here every Tuesday with fresh outfit ideas and style how-tos. Best of all, she’s here to help you! Unsure about what to wear on a first date? Clueless when it comes to styling your pleather leggings? Drop Sydney a line at, and you could see your fashion conundrum solved in a future column.

Now, a note from the style star herself:

Hey, guys!

I’m Sydney: style blogger, mama to one, and the new kid on the Washingtonian block. I love beautiful typography, orangey-red lipstick, and photographs of people in love. When I’m not blogging and taking approximately 9,500 pictures of my three-month-old son, Everett, I enjoy reading biographies, cleverly getting myself out of cooking dinner, and wearing truly high heels. I have a penchant for creative layering and boyfriend blazers, and I gain most of my inspiration from street style blogs. Also, I would really love to find the time to paint my nails one of these days . . . just throwing that out there. I’m so excited to be starting this column! We’ll be chatting about personal style and fashion trends, and I’ll answer some of your burning style questions. Even if they aren’t actually that burning. . . .

To get your Sydney fix before her column launches, visit her blog here.